CH. Clodana Serendipity (Jun. Ch., CW13, JD)

Sire: GB. Ch. Oraysha Smart Move
Dam: Stella, Clodana Razzle Dazzle
Date of Birth:4th May 2010 
Pet Name: Trixie

Achievements: Champion, Multi Green Star & Best of Breed Winner
Trixie Gained her Junior Championship Title & a Junior Diploma.
Trixie also won the Celtic Winners 2013 Title.


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

GB.CH. Oraysha Smart Move


 Marbelton Dust Buster

GB. CH.Sheffawn Take That

Teeko's Neater 'N Sweeter at Marbelton

Marbelton Maid Up By Oraysha

GB. CH.Hattella Captain Dibble

Marbelton Maid Marion


Clodana Razzle Dazzle

     CH. Claybridge Lucky Luigi

             GB.CH. Ranaholme Im'e Zag  Of Claybridge

                     Claybridge Olive

    CH. & INT. CH. Clodana Derica

    CH. Marbelton Cock Robin At Corvina
                     (An CH.00)

                       Corvina Passeul



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