Claybridge Lady Lola at Clodana
Sire: Claybridge Henry at Danton
Dam: Claybridge Olive
Date of Birth: 22nd August 2005 

Bred By: Mrs. P. Saycell
Pet Name: Lola

Achievements: Mother of 2 Champions Yogi & Heidi, Multiple Green Stars



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents


   Claybridge Henry At Danton


 GB. CH. Ranaholme Im'e Zag of Claybridge

GB. CH.Claybridge Revenge

Jamesbe Gypsy Rose of Ranaholme

Claybridge Star Catcher

Ansam Hector Protector Of Teasecort
Jamesbe Tilly Ann Of Claybridge


                Claybridge Olive

Jamesbe Drago

GB. CH.Claybridge Call Me Syril

Adoram Gypsy Dancer of Jamesbe

Georgia Always On My Mind

GB. CH. Ranaholme Im'e Zag of Claybridge

Chintzia Elspeth Black



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